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The difference between a site that is optimized for search engines and one that’s not, can mean Thousands of Lost Visitors.

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Optimize Your Site and Increase Traffic

Clearly it is important for every Real Estate Agent to have a standout website that allows home buyers to find their next dream home. Also significant is a high profile for that website. A website is a powerful listing and selling tool and even more so when you have a well thought out strategy for driving traffic to your site.

How do you get TRAFFIC to your website?
This is a short question, but unfortunately there is no short answer. Increasing traffic to your website is a combination of onsite, offsite web and mobile tactics. Certainly most people start thinking of "Search Engine Placement" as the first way to increase traffic, we do too AND we take it to the next level and beyond. We consider the entire picture when it comes to marketing your site and increasing traffic from buyers and sellers.

Google Optimization
Higher Ranking
Our SEO program target the keywords that are important to you and your market, sending you up the page rankings.
SEO Strategy
SEO Strategy
To compete in the SEO world it takes well rounded strategy. We think we have the best strategy in the real estate industry.
Ranking Traffic
Ranking = Traffic
Optimizing your site for a range of keywords and phrases pushes your site up the rankings and that equates to TRAFFIC!


Actual Client Report Created Jan 1st 2014

Search Engine is not instantaneous no matter what anyone tells you. As you can see from the report below the clients site has continued to gain ground in the search engines over time. Along the way there can be peaks and valleys, but you can see the trend is normally upward with Cevado's Search Engine Optimization Program. Actual SEO Report for Real Estate Client