Introducing REALTY TV.

The Perfect Office and Lobby Featured Listing Rotator.
REALTY TV can be placed in your Office Window,
Lobby, Coffee Shop, Airport, Mall

or any place you choose.

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REALTY TV Window and Lobby Listings Rotator

Need an office or lobby display for your featured listings?

Cevado gives you yet another simple time saving solution that automatically displays any the listings you choose in a professional presentation. You can choose from specific MLS numbers, an entire neighborhoods, a price range, or any other combination you desire.

Set It and Forget It, Automatic Updates
The Featured Listings Office and Lobby display module is all automatically driven from your MLS data. No need to update listings. They will always have the most current pricing and images.

Couple watching featured rotator
Capture Foot Traffic
Realty TV is a perfect way to capture foot traffic walking by your office or any high visibility window or lobby.
Realty TV located in office
Location, Location
Your office window or lobby is a given, but what about partnering with a Coffee Shop, Office Building, Airport, etc.
Featured Listings
Responsive Design
We have designed Realty TV to work best on a wide screen but the design is responsive to multiple screen sizes.
Your Branding
Your Branding
Of course Realty TV has your branding and contact information. Your contact information is displayed prominently.
Weather Bug in Rotator
Sticky Weather Bug
We included a local weather bug to help attract additional foot traffic or give anxious companions something to look look at.
Calculator in Rotator
Potential Revenue Generator
The mortgage calculator can be generic or it can be branded to a specific lending partner to help offset costs.
iPad Featured Rotator
Mobile Pad Enabled
Of course a 72" TV will look great, but the responsive deign makes it perfect for mobile pads and devices.
choose your color
Choose Your Color (CLICK HERE)
We have a selection of standard colors that will work for most applications, but you can also have us customize it.