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Cevado is the first company in the nation to be approved for the NEW SPEC for your corporate data feed. We have a very close relationship with the data engineers at franchise corporations in the United States. We have been doing corporate data feeds for almost 10 years. No one has as much experience ensuring the integrity of your data than Cevado.

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Step 2

We analyze your MLS data stream.

Step 3

We work with your Corporate Headquarters to match data to the NEW SPEC.

Step 4

Corporate runs a data test for integrity.

Step 5

You are free to do something else with your time and money like.. Sell Real Estate.
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Cevado is dedicated to ALL OUR CLIENTS and committed to ensuring that they get EXTREME SUPPORT. We don't know how other companies support their products, but we want you to know that we take support VERY SERIOUSLY. When you choose to purchase a Cevado product, you can rest assured that you have a full team on your side. Cevado Technologies has been building web-related products for real estate agents and brokers for over 15 years. All our products are built and rebuilt because of the feedback and information we get from our clients. We will always be in YOUR CORNER and here to help you succeed!

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