Listing Syndication Plus Video
We put your listings on all the major listing sites including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter! 

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What is Cevado Syndication Plus Video?
In short, Cevado Syndication Plus Video is the process of taking your listings and distributing them to popular websites that buyers and sellers are using to search for real estate. These include: Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Oodle, and many more. 

The “Plus Video” piece means that we create videos or virtual tours of each one of your listings and post them to YouTube, Truveo, AOL Videos and a host of other video sites.

Up until recently it was sufficient to simply display your listings on your own website and wait for visitors. However, many buyers are now using multiple websites and services to search for real estate. Sites like Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Enormo, and Oodle are becoming increasingly popular and drawing valuable traffic and leads away from local real estate sites.

The good news is that you can actually use this potentially disastrous situation to your advantage. Cevado Syndication ensures that your listings are front-and-center on every one of these high-trafficked sites and services. With Cevado Syndication, you not only ensure that you keep your regular visitors, you’re also putting your listings directly in front of hundreds of thousands of buyers who would have never seen them otherwise!


NEW! Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media
Now your Facebook page can actually become a selling tool!  We automatically load each of your listings to your Facebook page, and also make a post to your Twitter account with a link to the listing for every new or updated listing.  Now you can actually market and sell listings directly from your Facebook page!

How Does It Work?
The easiest way to explain how it works is by saying “Its All Automatic”. We do everything! There is no additional data entry from you! Utilizing the information and images you already have in the MLS, we gather your listing data, create the videos and virtual tours, and then post them to all of our partner syndication sites.  It’s really that easy. 

We also monitor your listings and update them automatically.  You never have to worry about having a listings or a video out there that has outdated information.  Any price or information change is automatically updated in all our syndication feeds with absolutely no effort on your part. 

Can It Help Me Attract More Sellers and Listings?
Sellers expect agents to aggressively market their properties and listings.  It’s not enough anymore to simply post the property in the MLS and on your website.  Any Agent can do that.  Top Producers (and even many sellers) know that listings need to be posted on all of the major listing sites.   Sellers want to know that you are putting their listing in front of buyers.  No client wants to see the house down the street listed on Zillow when their own house is not.  The addition of our Facebook and Twitter integration lets sellers know you are utilizing the latest in technology and marketing strategies.

Put Your Listings In Front of More Buyers
The truth is, not all buyers are coming to your site to search for properties, some buyers use sites like Zillow, Trulia, Google, or their local newspaper.  Aggressive agents place their listings on the websites they know people are using.  Each listing on these sites drives the buyer back to you!

What Do I Get?

  • Each of your listings is posted to all the most important listing sites and marketplaces on the web.  This feature alone immediately extends your market reach to clients you are not currently reaching.
  • YouTube videos / virtual tours for every one of your listings.
  • Your own customized YouTube Channel.
  • Videos are uploaded automatically to YouTube, AOL Video, Truveo, and a host of other video syndication sites.
  • Videos and listings posted directly to your Facebook account.
  • Posts are automatically made to your Twitter account each time a listing is uploaded or modified.
  • You get a power tool to use in your listing presentations.  Buyers can rest assured that you will aggressively market their listing to potential sellers via multiple channels using the latest in technology and social media.

How Can I Make It Happen?
That part is easy.  Just call us at 877-700-2519 and signup. We do literally everything else.

Real Estate Listing Syndication with Youtube Videos

Key Features

  • Your own YouTube channel! 
  • Videos with Voiceover are created for each listing.
  • Videos are also displayed in your website search (Cevado clients only).
  • Each video is clearly branded with logo, website, agent’s name, and contact information.
  • Each video links back to your website.
  • Improves Search Engine Optimization with thousands of links back to your website.
  • Be one of the first to have all of your listings as videos on!
  • Show sellers you are the most aggressive brokerage in town.
  • Everything is done automatically with no data input from you.
  • Benefit from the millions of visitors to these top websites.
  • Your listings & videos posted to the most popular web brands in the world.   
  • Dramatically increase your listing marketing with minimal effort.
  • All listings are posted to the most popular real estate websites, such as Google Base, Zillow and others.

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Are You a Member of a National Brokerage?

Stop the double and sometimes triple data entry of your listings. We can syndicate listing data to these national brokerage systems:

  • Century 21
  • Exit Real Estate
  • Coldwell Banker
  • ERA
  • Sotheby’s
  • Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.